Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Quick and Quality Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Irvine, CA!

Our inspection service has a prompt response time for all sprinkler systems. In accordance with NFPA 25 & Title 19 Regulations, our fire sprinkler inspection service includes commercial fire sprinklers, residential fire sprinklers, and industrial facilities. Whether it be systems we installed or your own, we are able to quickly diagnose issues and the potential risks of your systems. Our experienced professionals provide this service with the entire property’s safety in mind.

How Often Are Sprinkler Inspections Conducted?

Depending on the needs of the property, we provide inspection services both quarterly and annually. We take pride in the efficiency of our sprinkler inspection but aren’t any less thorough. Issues do not get by our staff.

All Elements of Quarterly Included in the Annual Sprinkler Inspection

As we operate and conduct our quarterly inspections, the same elements are included in the annual inspection service. This includes:

We will inspect all sprinkler heads

All Sprinkler Heads, Along With the Fittings and Pipe System:

This primarily is aiming to assess rust and any minor damage to impact effectiveness. Additionally, if water pressure isn’t being properly released.

We have interior inspection of pipe valves

Interior Inspection of Pipe Valves:

Conducted during test resets.

We provide primary drain flow tests

Primary Drain Flow Test:

The quality of water supply piping is assessed.

additional sprinkler heads may be required

Additional Sprinkler Equipment On-Site:

Inspection prioritizes requires additional sprinkler heads to be on the property in case of replacement being necessary. Tools will need to be included as well to make those adjustments.

When Should You Schedule a Fire Sprinkler Inspection?


Fire sprinkler systems typically require regular inspections to ensure they are compliant with regulations. Specific inspection requirements can vary depending on factor like building codes, occupancy type, and the type of sprinkler system installed. Here are some general guidelines:

We provide primary drain flow tests

Routine Inspections

These inspections are usually conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis. This inspection checks for any visible damage or issues with the sprinkler system, such as leaks, corrosion, or obstructions.

We provide primary drain flow tests

Quarterly Inspections

Some jurisdictions or building owners may require quarterly inspections for certain types of properties or occupancies. These inspections are more frequent and focus on specific components of the sprinkler system, such as control valves, alarm devices, or pressure gauges.

We provide primary drain flow tests

Five Year Inspections

A 5-year inspection is more comprehensive and involves examining the internal components of the sprinkler system, such as pipes, fittings, and sprinkler heads. It may also involve conducting flow tests to ensure the system’s water supply and pressure are adequate.

We provide primary drain flow tests

Hydrostatic Testing

Periodic hydrostatic testing is typically required for fire sprinkler systems. This involves pressurizing the system with water to test its strength and integrity. The frequency of hydrostatic testing can vary, but it is often performed every five to ten years.

Make sure your fire protection system is up to your local codes and regulations. It is important for the safety of your patrons and yourself. Contact us today at Ultra Fire Operations. We service residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. 

fire sprinker inspection on an installed system
a fire sprinkler inspection with signage

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