Fire Sprinkler Design

Keep Your Irvine, CA Property Safe with Our Fire Sprinkler Design Solutions!

Fire sprinkler system design can save your life, your home, and your business. You need your sprinklers running at maximum efficiency. Otherwise, you put your property at risk.

Ultra Fire Operations has a strategic and innovative fire sprinkler design that creates a safe environment built to last. We are your trusted local professional with 30 years of experience in the industry. As seasoned experts, we’ve leveraged some of the best sprinkler design innovations in the state to make your property safer today.

Fire Sprinkler Design plan

How is Your Property Best Optimized for Sprinkler Design?

Who Accesses Your Building and When

 When assessing your property, we look at where the hot spots are for traffic in the building and times of day that are of the highest risk.

Square Footage

Simply factors into the design layout. Which areas will have top priority, how we can best spread out our sprinklers, and trigger placement.

Highest Traffic Volume

We take the property as a whole with special care but modify our installation based on areas with high traffic. While the entire property receives significant attention, we elevate that focus a step further with higher traffic areas.

Number of Exits

The number of exits is crucial. Properties with few exits will need specialized attention, while larger properties will need more efficient installations. We customize our service to best fit every property we work on.

What Makes Our Fire Sprinkler Design Different?

The importance of effective alarm response times

Effective Alarm Response Times:

Response time between your sprinkler system and a hazardous fire will make or break your system’s effectiveness. You don’t want your kitchen to be mostly gone by the time the system turns on, but you also don’t want false alarms going off constantly. We find the perfect middle ground to provide you with a fire-safe environment you feel comfortable in.

Our sprinker systems are designed with advanced technology

Advanced Sprinkler Technologies:

Interconnected security systems, voice alerts, and location alerts, all can be paired to alarms that work in unison with our sprinkler systems.

out designs are high quality and we provide consistent inspections

Quality and Consistent Inspections:

Following installation, we ensure your sprinkler systems never run under par. Inspections, testing, repairs, and updates are all conducted by our experienced professional operators with the highest level of precision.

our fire sprinker design in a local building

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To learn more about how we design our sprinkler systems to keep your property safe, call us today for an inspection. We’ll customize a strategic plan for elevating the safety of your property best. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!