In order for a fire sprinkler to work as intended, it has to be part of a fire sprinkler system. To form a system, individual sprinklers are placed on a network of piping filled with water. Because the water is under pressure, we can say the fire sprinklers are always on standby.

Let’s examine how fire sprinklers work step by step:

Fire breaks out

The air temperature above the fire raises

When the temperature is high enough, the liquid-filled bulb bursts

The sprinkler plug frees the water

The sprinkler sprays water on the fire. Sometimes the fire is completely extinguished. Sometimes the sprinkler contains the fire, meaning it controls the heat and minimizes the amount of toxic smoke that develops.

Since the air temperature raises fast in a fire, the fire sprinkler is also activated fast. This is why fire sprinkler systems are so effective in controlling a fire. Or assisting firefighters in combating fires.

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